This is a structured list of posts covering positioning, navigation and timing (PNT).

  • How the GPS receiver works

    The satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) distributes precise time, frequency and position worldwide. At a height of about 20,000 km satellites circle around the earth on different orbits. An atomic clock (accuracy at least 1 x 10 E-12) is running in every satellite whose time is constantly transmitted together with the orbit data. The GPS-receiver records the data […]

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  • Function and Comparison of Accuracy DCF77 and GPS Time Signal Receiver

    The time code transmitter DCF77 emits a time signal and time code information in the long wave range of 77.5 kHz. The time information is visualised by the lowering of the carrier power to 25% of the standard value (amplitude modulation). The beginning of a second is marked by the beginning of a lowering. The […]

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