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Whitepaper about the definition & measurement methods of time

Our entire day is organised by time – dial and hands of a clock are helping us to arrange everyday’s life and to provide stability when planning future steps. Time enables us to put events and experiences in a logical order because time is uni-directional for our perception. We are not able to stop or reverse time – it is streaming from the past to the future and is distinguishing cause and effect.

As the leading European manufacturer of time synchronization solutions hopf Elektronik GmbH has summarized the process from occurence to distribution of time in the whitepaper “What is time” below. Get more information about

  • the definition and measurement methods of time
  • the terms of time (International Atomic Time, UTC, Standard Time as well as Local Time)
  • the distribution of time reference signals via GPS or DCF77

by downloading the hopf whitepaper “What is time”.