hmc – hopf Management Console

With this desktop application you can monitor, maintain and configure multiple hopf devices at the same time. All necessary files for this application can be found here.

HMC v0115 – Microsoft® Windows®

MD5: 99FDAB03744FC9E70E93C7C77B7B7BD6
SHA256: BAE96C3E2155D7FB1CA5C19532A22B93825177B89A25AF80BE54114FB1CDED43

HMC Release Notes v0115

HMC User Manual v0113 EN

HMC User Manual v0113 DE

HMC Driver Updates v0115

MD5: 0C624B42CDBF6181EE481F76F6944CCB
SHA256: 6630BFAAA1C12C9B5ADA6FFD46BD1CB134BCF054104ED1595189B0E1F8A773BD