huma web edition

Never was managing complex industrial devices easier

huma unifies all programs to just one easy-to-use webapplication that can be accessed by any modern browser anywhere anytime.

What is huma about?

With huma all new generation hopf devices can be fully controlled, monitored and configured. Not only real-time status information is displayed in huma, but also an accurate dynamic image of the device, that fully mirrors the actual hardware, including status indicators. Essential commands that control the device can be transmitted instantly and easily. Changing the device configuration works through a config file that is not limited by time or device. It can be uploaded to other supported devices at any given time.

Cyber Security huma was built from the ground up with cyber security in mind. All security requirements specified by the IEC are fully met.
Multi Language Multiple languages and formats are supported in huma. If your language is not one of them please contact us.
Highly Responsive We support a range of devices, including tablets, because the user interface of huma is based on an responsive layout.

Themes & Darkmode

The design of huma is fully customizable. By default huma is shipped with four themes and each one comes with a darkmode variant.

If you want to have a custom theme please contact us.